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sonder n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

A collaborative piece imagined by Nathaniel Knight, Josephine Reid and Monique Roy, Sonder explores non-tactile interactivity through sustainable and immersive design.

Team Sonder

Monique and Josephine had been working on an external project called ASCENDING where we had collaborated with different creatives to interrogate immersion within our Showcase ideas. Nathaniel was one of these collaborators and through our discussions, we realised we shared a common worldbuilding approach, cementing our partnership. 


Once we decided to collaborate together, we determined that our shared intention was to create a blurred physical and digital intermedial space that transitioned well into a cohesive project. 

Sonder was inspired to create an experience that explored non-tactile interactivity by blurring the lines between a physical and digital space. Through the use of Blendr, Ableton Live Suite, Isadora and our own physical elements, Sonder has aimed to create a space that invites participants to change their surroundings simply by walking along a boardwalk. Each member designed their own cycle of a day based on their experiences and connections to nature. The Sonder team aims to connect our audience to feel a sense of calm and nostalgia when interacting with the piece. 

Throughout the development of Sonder, three constant questions have been asked with every design decision: 

What and where from resources are we sourcing? 

What are the impacts these resources have on the environment?

What is the afterlife of our resources?


The Sonder team has emphasised designing a piece that not only encourages a moment of presence and reflection but has considered the afterlife of these materials beyond our graduating showcase. When considering the ecoscenographic elements of Sonder, we were adamant on sourcing used, second-hand, reclaimed and salvaged materials that can be reused and repurposed beyond this event. 

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