Sophie Woodcock Showcase

Sophie Woodcock

Sophie is an emerging Stage, Company and Production Manager with a passion for all types of theatre. She is Standing By 2021's Assistant Production Manager.

My Story

At the beginning of this process, we were asked to share some fun facts about ourselves, not industry related. I came up with these: I grew up in Singapore, I used to make popcorn at DisneyWorld, my favourite Harry Potter movie is Prisoner of Azkaban, my comfort movie is Pride and Prejudice, and above all, I really love cheese. A weird mix, but it gives you a better picture of me as a person – intensely passionate, about anything and everything, someone who loves to travel and misses it greatly, and someone who genuinely could not handle being lactose intolerant.


When creating my exhibit I drew upon a few things – my experience at QUT, my time in theatre – both at QUT and externally, my experiences overseas, and my habit to hyper fixate. I knew I wanted to create something with the mass of paperwork I’ve collected over my seven years in theatre and stage management, and a craft I have a surprising amount of experience in is paper mâché. The overall structure is based off a design I created in first year, and then adapted to fit my chosen material. Creating the structure took some trial and error (Bunnings aisles, as it turns out, are the perfect size for testing), but I eventually landed on a plan, using a combination of hose, PVC pipe and chicken wire to create the structure. Following the many (many) scratches gained while assembling the wire, I then sewed a layer of butchers paper to act as the base for the mâché. I added a middle layer of scrap paper, before it finally came time to add my own personal paperwork. Over the past 6 years I’ve collated paperwork, scripts, and scores, from 18 different shows across universities, community theatre, and even from when I used to perform. It was a little sad to destroy so much of my paperwork, but even in the early stages of the paperwork layer, it already felt so worth it, seeing it all come together and getting to visually see how my skills have grown. A scrapbook of my professional growth.

To bring more of me outside theatre into my exhibit, I created a series of short video/photo montages focusing on things important to me and who I am – my time at DisneyWorld, my love of Harry Potter, my passion for theatre, and my love of crafting. These would be linked by still images of prompt copy pages, to make it look like it blended in with the mâché around it, melding my professional with my personal. I used these as an opportunity to try my hand at creating music and successfully created 9 different tracks to accompany all four videos and the hold images between them. Overall, I created just under half an hour of content to loop across the exhibition.


One last thing I wanted to bring into the space was my crafting, which I allude to in one of the videos. I love fabric painting, I find it incredibly satisfying and fun, and wanted to express some of the skills I’ve gained in practicing this skill. Around the inside of the structure is a series of small paintings relating again to my passions, and inspired by a pair of jeans which is my main paint canvas at home. These are a small little easter egg for viewers, so they have something else extra to look for while in the space.


I’m very proud of my overall final exhibit. I’ve had some minor hiccups – the top piece of the structure didn’t quite fit with the bottom, the projection didn’t bleed through the paper like I’d planned, and despite much fiddling and trouble-shooting QLab will not loop more than once, but despite all that, I created a 2.5m tall paper mâché spaceship/Dalek/nest that combined with the music and the soft light feels like home.

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