Shania Manning Showcase

Shania Manning

Shania is an aspiring Technical Stage Manager  with a passion for management and lighting. She is Standing By 2021's Production Manager.

My Story

As an aspiring technical stage manager approaching my showcase exhibit, I was inspired by 3 primary ideas, Perspective, Experience and Self.


It was important to me that this exhibit didn't only showcase my goal of becoming a stage manager but also showed who I am as a person, so I started there. I wanted these elements of myself to be included in an exhibit that was showcasing me.


It is hard for me to ignore Covid when discussing my university and early career experience. The impact of moving online meant that screens were now becoming the only perspective to see parts of my education and growth as a practitioner though. This sense of restricted perspective helped to influence the Hollywood frame element of my exhibit allowing the audience to only view my exhibit through 1 screen, 1 perspective, 1 portal. The decision to use the Hollywood mirror ties my exhibit back to my passion for live performance of prepping myself in front of one of these mirrors in a dressing room before tackling a show.


As a stage manager, our job is often unknown to people not familiar with how live performance is run. My aim in creating this exhibit is to allow the audience members to have the experience of being an LX operator of a pre-programmed control based on my show call. An audience member has to physically press a button to activate a lighting cue, this helps to invite them to experience a small element of how a stage manager runs a performance.


The layout of my exhibit aims to showcase my abilities as a technical stage manager. The idea that whilst there may be a lot happening and many things to be controlled, as the stage manager on the show I will be able to contain the chaos and be able to manage, organize and run the show to create a seamless and spectacle of a show.

My exhibit showcases my passions, interests, career aims but most importantly who I am. 

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