Peter Keavy Showcase

Peter Keavy

Peter is an emerging theatre creative and is a member of Standing By 2021's Marketing team.


“Etymology” is a piece of concept art exploring the etymology of the artist’s name, Peter. (Peter, from the Greek Petros, literally meaning “rock or stone”). The work was originally intended to be viewed as a performance activated installation consisting of the artist, Peter Keavy, who sat next to a considerably large stone for a long duration of time. However, in the context of Standing By 2021, the installation stands alone as an idea, a seed, a concept, which will later be realised to its full potential.


Below are the original stage directions as laid out by Keavy:



(A small stage is raised off the floor.  


The length of the stage is no more than two metres. 


The depth is no more than one metre. 


The thickness, no more than thirty centimetres.   


The floor of the stage aught to be white. 


Although, it could have a concrete texture.  


It is certainly not black. 


If the floor is black it must be made of a reflective material. 


Perhaps even glass? 


Nevertheless, placed on the right of the stage is a considerably large stone.  


It is large enough that you could sit on it.  


However, the stone is not to be sat on.  


To the left of the stone is a chair.  


The chair is made for sitting. 


The chair follows a minimalist design.  


It is slick.  


It is black.  


It is functional.  


The chair is tall and thin.  


The chair and the stone have distance between them.  


Enough of a gap for a person to stand in the middle.  


The audience is placed in front of the stage on white foldable chairs made of wood.  


It is the type of audience configuration you’d see at a small outdoor concert or a wedding ceremony. 


The procession is split in two by a small isle.   


There should only be three rows of chairs on each side.  


As for lighting, 


 A down spot should be shuttered off to fit the confines of the stage.  


No light is to bleed off the stage. 


The stone and the chair can have their own individual down spots.  


If the stage is lit with a whitewash then the stone should be lit with a pale blue.  


The chair can be isolated in a turquoise light.  


It should all feel very cold, like the stone.  


There is a soundtrack that accompanies the image.  


The sound of a solo violin playing long suspended notes.  


It is an ethereal sort of sound.  


The kind of sound that would send anyone into a meditative state. )

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