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Monique Roy

Aspiring Multidisciplinary Artist

As an emerging multidisciplinary artist, Monique has a keen interest in creating accessible, inclusive and experiential designs for live performance and beyond. She is eager to work in the live performance, installation and festival circuit in set/spatial design, sustainable costume design, fabrication, digital design and project management. Monique is in her final year of studies as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Production) student at the Queensland University of Technology. Originally from Canada, Monique’s work aligns with creating meaningful, innovative and environmentally sustainable experiences for the community to enjoy. 


Her credits include:

Curator  Ecoscenography Reading Groups, in partnership with PQ Knowledge exchange platform (2021) 

Designer and Fabricator  Queensland State Library’s ‘The Great and Grand Rumpus Room’ exhibition (2021)

Guest Editor ASCENDING Design, Folio 1 | Act 4, in partnership with PQ Knowledge exchange platform (2021)

Marketing QUT Technical Production Standing By 2021 Showcase (2021)

Co-Curator and Costume Designer Bear Hunt Virtual Productions (2021)

Production Manager Symbiocene (2021)

Scenographer and Marketing Topographic/Looking Through Glass (2020)

Scenographer and Sound Designer (2020)

Sound Designer The Bone People Virtual Productions (2020)

Design and Logistics  Dead Puppet Society’s creative development of Ishmael (2020)

Assistant Stage Manager Incognito (2019)

Sound and Vision Operator New Moves '19 (2019)

Monique has recently accepted a Vacation Research Experience Scheme (VRES) placement through QUT working alongside Tessa Rixon on Ecoscenography at World Stage Design 2022: Creating worlds for climate change performance

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