Mei Yu See Showcase

Mei Yu See

Mei Yu is an emerging Lighting Technician with a passion for outdoor festivals, circus, and theatre. She is Standing By 2021's Head of Lighting. 

My Story

A bit more about me, I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a busy city. But I developed a love of nature in the concrete city from going hiking and to the beaches near my home. I’m an indecisive person which shows in the way I choose my hobbies. I liked a lot of things since I was young, such as violin, drawing, writing, playing basketball, horse riding, archery, canoeing etc. I only found my passion for theatre and live performances not long before I enrolled in Technical Production. And that is the first time I felt that I wanted to hold on to something and do it for a very long time. Although I didn’t realise it at first, all the past experiences and interest in all sorts of things have taught me things that are useful for what I want to do now. And I’m very grateful for all the people I encountered and my experience with that.


So from the very initial state of creating showcase piece, I decided I want to show what makes me myself rather than my skill set and abilities as I think I still have a lot to learn in this area and these are not the most important parts that make me the person I am today. I tried to combine my interest in lights and more about me as a person such as my background, my interest outside of the performing arts industry, and how I found my path to where I am now.


The idea I started with was to create a shattered mirror picture that turns into my face when people control a stick and walk through the track which represents my journey to now. These mirror pieces will reflect onto the 2.4m flats. The shattered pieces of mirrors represent the fragments of my life, it’s a bit chaotic and all over the place like how my life always has been. I also tried a lot of different things before I found my passion for the live performing industry and lighting. The main idea I want to express through my piece is that all these experiences, people I met and things I went through, good or bad, are all important parts that make me who I am today. And they all prepared me to go into the industry in the future.


The creation of this exhibit challenged me to troubleshoot, think of solutions and let go of ideas at the right time. In the process, I first faced the difficulties of the mechanism behind the movable track itself. After a lot of trial and error and testing back and forth, I decided it is not realistic for me to stick to the original idea within this time frame and resources. I decided to go with a simplified version and achieve a different effect. Despite earlier testing and research, the results are very heavily dependent on the adjustment in the real space. But when I bumped in my exhibit, it did not work as intended. I realised the problem of was the surface for the mirrors to reflect on needed to be very close to the mirrors themselves in order for it to have a sharp edge and not blur together. So I have to find new solutions which is what my showcase exhibit looks like now. I decided to make it a smaller portrait frame with the reflection of the structure of the mirror I created. As I also found from experimenting with different light sources and angles, the phone torch makes the best results in terms of the reflected image. I added an option for people to shine their own phone torch towards the mirror piece and see the image. As I still have a large flat surface, I decided to make more shapes and patterns with mirrors to make an abstract landscape to go with the portrait itself as a background image that includes all the elements I mentioned earlier during my thought process of my idea.

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