Lachlan van der Kreek Showcase

Lachlan van der Kreek

Lachlan is an emerging Video, Lighting, and Systems Technician. He is Standing By 2021's Head of Broadcast. 

A Fly On The Wall

Lachlan van der Kreek created “A Fly On The Wall”, to function as an optimistic view in the live theatre industry. His graduating Standing By ‘21 Exhibition is a look inward at a messy, modern life. 2020 treated us all with days or weeks indoors. Behind computer screens, at our desks, in our bedrooms.


“A Fly On The Wall” gives us a more optimistic view of the world in the future. A room stands bare, with a computer open on the desk. A bed neatly made and clothes on the floor. Maybe the inhabitant is on a holiday, maybe they’re hanging out with friends, they’re not stuck inside. The audience is encouraged to press the single button on the table to interact with the exhibit. The lack of a complex form of interaction is intentional as the audience member is a guest in this space and should be able to manipulate things more than necessary. He hopes you enjoy!

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