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Lachlan van der Kreek

Emerging Video, Lighting and System Technician 

Lachlan van der Kreek is an emerging video, lighting and systems technician. He is inspired by the crossover between lighting and vision and hopes to explore this in the future. For his graduating piece, he is blending these two mediums to form a hybrid space. While working on a multitude of musical theatre performances around Brisbane, in the roles of lighting, vision, or systems design, Lachlan has developed his craft and used the skills he has learned to present his showcase piece

Some of Lachlan’s credits include:

Vision Designer, Heathers Jr, Beauty and the Beast Jr, Band Geeks, etc. (2018)

Vision Designer, My Fair Lady, Chicago, various devised works (2019)

Vision Designer, Tick Tick Boom (2020)

Lighting Design, A Chorus Line, Madagascar Jr, Curtains (2020)

Systems Design, Algorithm (2021)

Sound FX Designer, Yank (2019)


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