Lachlan Paterson Showcase

Lachlan Paterson

Lachlan is an emerging Stage Manager and Mechanist who values all aspects of the theatre community. He is Standing By 2021's Technical Manager.

My Story

The development of ‘A Moment of Bliss’ started when I was brainstorming how I wanted to best show myself for showcase. I decided to create a representation of my families old farm that I worked on until I was 17. Looking back at my time spent on the farm one moment stood out to me and that was a peaceful moment I had standing on our hill paddock looking down onto our property with nothing to worry about and just listening to the birds and feeling the wind blow.


In my attempt to recreate this I drove out to the old property out at Boonah. I spent a day recording audio content and taking photos of the landscape. I was incredibly lucky as well because the day I went out to acquire inspiration, it was a perfect day with a beautiful breeze in the middle of spring.

From the raw footage I acquired I decided to construct a model box that recreates the moment on the farm.

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