Kayla Cahill Showcase

Kayla Cahill

Kayla is an emerging Stage Manager and Theatre Technician and is Standing By 2021's Co-Launch and Exhibition coordinator. 

One Page at a Time

One Page at a Time consists of a large scale, 1m2 open book with a tree growing out of the centre. The exhibit will be static with few technical elements and will mainly be made from paper used from previous prompt copies. It’ll showcase my memories of flowers, music, books and will stage some of my previous designs from this degree. 


Although, I started having a passion for music and performing as a young girl, and only recently have I decided that I want to do the thing that helps people share their stories, to convey their language to others, from a different perspective. 


This is only one stage of my journey, one page of my story.


Design Inspiration:


The inspiration for my design came from the art of book sculptures, in particular, these two ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired sculptures. I’m a very visual person, so when I came across book sculptures, and these two examples, it instantly took me back to childhood memories of reading the Alice and Wonderland books and having a plethora of pop-up books. It was just by coincidence that a previous assignment was based around Through the Looking Glass, and I can incorporate my design from then into this exhibit.

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