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Kayla Cahill

Aspiring Stage Manager, Prop Designer and Theatre Technician 

Kayla Cahill is an emerging Brisbane-based Stage Manager and Theatre Technician with a history in stage performance. Her main areas of expertise are stage managing, prop design and creation, sound design and sound operation. In 2021, Kayla obtained a Stage Management internship with Opera Queensland’s The Marriage of Figaro and Queensland Theatre’s Return to the Dirt.


Kayla’s recent collaborations whilst at QUT were: 

Production Stage Manager (Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams 2021, Looking Through Glass Intermedial Project 2020)

Stage Manager (Gloria by Brendan Jacob-Jenkins, directed by Dr Bridget Boyle 2021, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet 2020)

Head of Sound (Gloria by Brendan Jacob-Jenkins, directed by Dr Bridget Boyle 2021, Mr Burns by Anne Washburn, directed by Matt Sholten 2021, From the Outside In Production Practice Project 2020, Love and Money by Dennis Kelly, directed by Kat Henry 2020, Dinner by Moira Buffini, directed by Matt Sholten 2020).


Kayla's collaborative projects often include new, contemporary, and traditional works, as well as the exploration of technology. She wishes to challenge the contemporary elements of design and create works that peep into the future of technology through different live mediums.

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