Karina 'Ray' Parks Showcase

Karina Ray Parks

Ray is an aspiring Lighting Technician and Operator, Theatre Electrics and Site Manager. Ray is one of Stanging By 2021's Lighting Designers. 

The Show Must Go On

THE SHOW MUST GO ON is a piece that was created combining my greatest passions in the theatre industry: set building, props, lights and lighting programming. I tried to fit together a lot of different ideas that eventually came right back around to the thing I enjoy most in a creative industry: the beginning. Starting off with a pen, we see some good old fashioned theatre forced perspective with the size of the prop and the “ink swirl” made of black polyop fabric which links up to the words THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Not only is this saying something tried and true within this industry, but it is also a tattoo I have been planning to get for a very long time. Other than the obvious interpretation of the saying, I’ve chosen to take it to heart as a mantra to always learn and adapt to any new situation.


One of the best and most exhilarating things about making theatre is finding those human connections that draw in audiences, and the collaborative process if that is thrilling. THE SHOW MUST GO ON also features only LED lighting fixtures. This made sense for the amount of colours that were going to be going through the display, but this was also an intentional choice against conventional fixtures. LED technology is advancing more and more, and I’m a firm believer that LED technology will end up matching anything that conventional fixtures can deliver and want to embrace LED technology as much as possible. LED gives more opportunities for lighting designers and operators, but the environmental benefits are very clear.


Environmentalism was a key component in this build as nearly the entire thing has been made from recycled or upcycled materials. All of the timber and board was either from previous projects as leftovers or else sourced from Reverse Garbage and the scraps bin from the QUT J block workshops and Brisbane Festival. Even the MDF cuttings of the puzzle pieces were made from as much MDF that could be pulled from the bins as possible. All of the electronics have been put together so as to be usable for any future products. When this exhibit is finished, all of the materials will be broken down and then recycled again into a cat tower to be enjoyed rather than the materials ending up in the bin.


The puzzle pieces in this exhibit are meant to be a reference to the journey that I’ve undertaken to find a place to “fit in” within this industry, and are covered with work I’ve undertaken during my degree at QUT. The spikes either side of the display are made from old scrips and plans that had not yet been recycled with timber, wire and glue I already had from previous projects. Ultimately I hope that this exhibit showcases my passions within the theatre and events industry, and that you enjoy it.

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