Kaitlyn Smith Showcase

Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn is an emerging Stage, Live Performance, and Events Manager as well as Production Artist. She is Standing By 2021's Head of Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.

A Moment in Life

I call this exhibit 'A Moment in Life'. It represents a little piece of what my life was like over the last four years and how far I have come as a person. When you walk in it is like walking into my mind and seeing what I see all the time at home and at university. When you first walk in you will see a replica of the 3D paper artwork that I created in my first year of Uni that I was very proud of. I will also have the desk and chair from my room with little items that I keep on it because with this last year being mostly online, I spent a lot of time at this desk and visitors will get a little experience of that year.


The lighting palette I have chosen also comes from the colours in my room, which are my blue fairy lights and my pink salt lamp. I want to cover the walls in paperwork I have created over these years and items that represent me. Like photos of friends and family, posters of my favourite artists, films and video games, and so on. You will also notice that I have little butterflies suspended from the ceiling which represents the creative part of me who enjoys creating things by hand and for new beginnings. This may seem a bit chaotic, but my mind is constantly going a million miles an hour and I wanted to try to show how overwhelming and chaotic that can be to the audience. This exhibit allows you a chance to step into my life for just a moment.

Kaitlyn's Soundscape

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