Juleece Dawe Showcase

Juleece Dawe

Juleece is an emerging cross-trained technician and manager. She is our head of networking and IT, exhibition technical support, sound designer and assistant technical manager. 

The Cube

The Cube is an encapsulating space. The piece is separated from the main exhibition hall to completely envelop audience members in a surround sound experience, complemented by a music video directed and produced by Juleece Dawe. From a very young age, Juleece has been interested in binaural and surround sound as a way to connect and create impact within auditory pieces. Throughout her degree, Juleece has been waiting to create a surround sound performance piece; however, due to COVID-19, she was unable to do so. Showcase 2021 is her opportunity to build and design a piece in the physical space for the very first time.



The space is constructed with truss, which is covered by heavy black drapes to dampen the sound. Suspended on the inside of the truss is sheer white fabric, which acts as the projection surface for the music video. This white fabric is the same fabric used within the video and may have stains and frays along its edges, telling a story of its time around Brisbane. Placed in and around the exhibition are eight speakers delivering a song written and produced by Juleece called La Nostra Connesionne - ‘Our Connection’. On top of the auditory and visual elements of this exhibition, Juleece has implemented audience interaction as well. Through the use of a Kinect sensor, audience members will have the power to trigger this exhibition with their presence.

Below are soundscapes that Juleece created for other exhibitionists for Standing By 2021's graduating showcase.

Juleece's Soundscapes

Peter Keavy's Soundscape

Shania Manning's Soundscape

Kaitlyn Smith's Soundscape

La Nostra Connesionne Music Video

Behind The Scenes

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