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Juleece Dawe

Emerging Cross Trained Technician and Manager

Juleece Dawe has come onboard as the Head of Networking and IT, Exhibit Technical Support, Sound Designer and Assistant Technical Manager for Standing By 21. From a young age, Juleece has shown immense interest towards technical and stage management and music performance, technology and production. Juleece is currently in her last year of tertiary education and will obtain a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Technical Production) by the end of November 2021.

Throughout this course, Juleece has completed the following productions with QUT:

Head of Networking and IT, Exhibit Technical Support, Sound Designer, Assistant Technical Manager STANDING BY 21, QUT Technical Production Showcase (2021)

Co-Head of Sound and Sound Designer ALGORITHM, Situated Creative Practice (2021)

Head of Sound/Sound Designer Bear Hunt, QUT Virtual Productions (2021)

Head of Streaming Looking Through Glass, Intermedial (2020)

Head of Sound/Sound Designer Summer of The Aliens, Virtual Productions (2020)

Head of Sound/Sound Designer, Performance Art Project (2020)

Qlab Operator The Dead Letter Office, DP5 (2019)

Stage Manager Montera, DP5 (2019)


Juleece Dawe is currently the Stage Manager on Simon Gardner’s Big Stadium Rock Show 2021 Tour. She hopes to continue her career in 2022 as a cross-trained technician within the music and performance industry, while also focusing on writing and producing her own music.

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