Claire Browning Showcase

Claire Browning

Claire is an aspiring Lighting Designer and Technician and is Standing By 2021's Lighting Designer. 

The Cloud


My design incorporates my lighting skills alongside my other passion, art. I chose to use an RC4 wireless dimmer to help continue the illusion of a floating cloud, and also to challenge myself to learn a piece of technology that is new to me. I also have an interest in painting.


I mostly work intuitively creating abstract images or drawing inspiration from photographs that I have taken.


About the cloud


The inspiration for the cloud stems from my younger brother, who painted a picture of a smiley cloud as a gift to me for Christmas. It’s a quirky little cloud and it makes me smile and feel connected to home. The cloud is a personal representation of many things: my family connection, humour, togetherness, and even nostalgia of my favourite childhood show; the Care Bears. The string creates a safe space for the cloud, along with the calming paintings.

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