Catherine McGuinness Showcase

Catherine McGuinness

Catherine is an emerging Producion and Stage Manager and is Standing By 2021's Launch and Exhibition Coordinator.

The Legacy Robe

This exhibit is very much a visual resume of my career so far. The cloak is made of red velvet with a black lining.  Inspired by an old theatre tradition of the Gypsy Cloak, this robe features patches with productions I have been a part of and production companies I have worked with. Starting with my first interactions with performance which were through my drama school and dance school. Further down on the cloak are patches of shows I was crew on in the annual Cairns Choral Society musical productions. Down the centre of the cloak is the QUT productions I have learnt my skills on.


The lining of the cloak is a nod of thanks to my mentors, friends and family. It features people who have taught me and provided me with opportunities to learn.


As I continue through the industry, I will add the patches of the work I do so one day this cloak is filled with the memories I have made. This is my Standing By 21 exhibit, The Legacy Robe.

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